Friday, June 29, 2012

Clipboards and Craft Sticks

Jazzing up clipboards is all over the teaching blogs and mine definitely needed some updating!!  I got the idea to use scrapbooking paper and mod podge from Dana at Fun in 1st Grade.

So here is the before shot:

They look pretty ratty from all the marker, pencil and crayon marks on them.  I picked out some cute scrapbooking paper that I had in the back of my bedroom closet and then measured and cut the paper, rounding the corners and cutting a notch at the top.

Using the first one as a template, I cut the rest of the paper and then spray glued it to the clipboard.  (**Take note!!  Do not do these things while using spray glue:  pet dog, wipe nose or go potty.  Take it from me!)

Carefully apply the paper to the clipboard, trying to smooth out the bumps.  Then use Mod Podge to seal and protect the paper and the clipboard.  I used 2 thin coats, waiting about 15 minutes in between coats to let it dry.
And voila!!  Here are the finished clipboards!!  I made two of each kind.  I’ll use these to make partners, choose volunteers to demo a game or for choosing kids to leave the carpet and get started on their work.  So for example, I’ll say, “If you have the ladybug clipboards, you’re partners today.”  Or, if you have the watermelon clipboards, come up and show us your work.”

Another way that I make it fair when calling on kids is to have craft sticks with their initials on them.

I use these for reminding myself who has had a turn to answer questions, had a turn to share, or also for making partners and choosing kids to go to their desk and start working.  Happy Crafting!




  1. They look great! I like your idea of 2 of each kind What did you use to get it off your hands? The only thing I found that worked was olive oil! I should have put that in my post....
    :) Dana

  2. Melissa,

    Your clipboards turned out super cute!! That is something I have been meaning to do forever, but still haven't gotten around to yet!! Hopefully I can get it done before we go back to school!! So many projects to do and too little time!!


    Lessons with Laughter

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