Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hi Friends!  I took a class this summer about reading and writing strategies from the University of Phoenix online.  That was a first for me, taking an online class.  The best thing about the class was all the technology tools that she introduced us to.  One of them was Animoto.  It's a way to produce short videos with pictures or videos that you have taken.  Here's one I made very quickly to introduce Making Inferences (as a reading comprehension strategy)

My Animoto Video

**Update!!  Educators can get a free 6 month subscription to Animoto Plus, which lets you produce longer videos.

I'm thinking that you could take pictures of your students and make a cute video for back to school night.  OR, you could base it on a science topic like plants and show different parts of a plant, life cycles, ANYTHING!

In writing you could show a video and have the children write about it- descriptive words, the end of a story.  Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless.

What have you done with Animoto?  Any other ideas for using it in the classroom?


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